Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bali Day 5: The Final Day

Last full day in Bali, we just spent it walking around town in Ubud, which is like the art center of Bali. Bought a few souvenirs to bring back with us. It was honestly such a rip off!!! I should have bargained more. $50 USD for the bag (picture near the end) was totally not worth it! I still have it with me today to remind myself what a rip off it was.

Bali Day 4: A Rainy Day

I sorta knew that Bali rained a lot, but I didn't know that it rained this much. Although the morning was nice and bright, the afternoon was totally dark and gloomy, making me so lazy that I just wanted to do absolutely nothing all day long. There was also a lack of internet once it started raining. We had breakfast at the infinity pool, which was quite lovely but they didn't lay the flowers until mid way through our breakfast. I guess we woke up too early?

Friday, December 27, 2013

Bali Day 3: Tour Around Bali

Spent the 3rd day in Bali touring around town and seeing the culture and art here (dance, wood carving, temple, rice patties, volcano, etc.). I woke up super early and decided to go enjoy the sunrise. After a few hours, we checked out of Alila and went to the next hotel. The second hotel is located in Ubud, and it's actually really far away from Uluwatu (didn't know it was so far when I originally booked it). And it's constantly raining up in the mountains, so I didn't really like the second hotel as much...but for those who really like forests and nature, you will probably enjoy it.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bali Day 2: Amazing Sunset at Alila Uluwatu

We spent the second day just walking around the hotel. I usually wake up super early at around 6am since it's so bright outside! I originally wanted to do the yoga class in the morning, but it was literally soooo hot outside. The breakfast in the morning was really yummy and I'm a huge fan of the smoothies at Alila. It's complimentary during breakfast but usually cost $10 per glass at the restaurant, so I tried to drink as much as I can.

I made really good use of the pool that day, swam in the morning and afternoon. After the swim, I went to the sunset cabana to wait for the sunset and we decided to eat at the western restaurant at night. I have to say that I enjoy the Balinese food more because the satay is too amazing not to try.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Bali Day 1: Alila Uluwatu Afternoon/Night

The villas at Alila were quite compact. There is only one giant room, whereas other villas in Bali had a living room, the room and then the washroom. But the space here was very well designed and integrated that it was really functional despite the smaller space (it probably felt really spacious because the ceilings are so tall). Each villa had its own private pool, cabana and free water. There is a lounging area inside the room where the glass opens so that you are directly connected to the pool. The shower is really cool that it's completely outside in the area behind the bed (fenced of course so you have privacy).You can get a private butler if you want, but I don't think it's really useful because you really don't need someone serving you. We only used the buggie service, but other than that we just did everything ourselves (other than the food).

After a quick dive in the pool, we went down to the beach area, walking 600 steps down the cliff and then up. And there wasn't much of a beach...just all rocks and not that nice...but it was a good workout that my legs got so much thinner the day after. For dinner, we had Balinese food the first night and the satay was really amazing!

Bali Day 1: Alila Uluwatu, Finally Here

As mentioned in my YouTube video, my most memorable experience so far would have to be the Bali trip! And you will understand why I loved this trip after looking at these pictures. It's pretty much been close to two years already and I'm still missing this place. I think I just love the ocean and the lifestyle there too much, feels like retirement haha. I think one of the reasons why I want to work so hard to achieve financial freedom is so that I can go back there (hope the hotel is still nice next time I go back).

For the trip, we stayed at the Alila Uluwatu resort for two nights and then switched to another hotel in Ubud for 3 nights. Given the fact that it was a casual trip and one of the many trips we went on while on exchange, it was too expensive to stay at Alila for all 5 nights XD. Alila has a completely modern design, which I love and we love it so much that we wanted to model our future house after it. I'm totally in love with the ginormous wood obsessed that I want to go back and buy one and hang it in my house. This resort was such an eye opener. It actually won some awards for its design and it is one of the most popular hotels in Bali. There was a wedding one night and a tour group that was here for dinner the other night. The sunset from the sunset cabana, which sits half hanging on the cliff, is just to die for. 

In addition, the hotel only has villas and there's not that many, so its really peaceful, there's not too many people, and best of all, no kids. If anyone is looking for a place in south east Asia to go for their honeymoon, I would totally recommend this place, but of course, Maldives would be the #1 choice though. It was quite funny that when we were having lunch on the first day, the waitress asked if we were here on our honeymoon, but we went because of the February reading week. I guess lots of people come here for their honeymoon and she thought I looked much older, but I just turned 21 back then.  

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Jewel Bee Skirt

This outfit was from Thursday night when I decided to go buy desert in the middle of the night! I just wanted to throw something real simple and easy on and this was what I came up with. The skirt is really amazing and we actually just received it recently in the store. It is from Fabitoria and this is the Jewel Bee Maxi. I absolutely love their digitally printed skirts! Such cool and fantastic prints/design that you're not going to find anywhere else.