Monday, December 23, 2013

Bali Day 1: Alila Uluwatu, Finally Here

Monday, December 23, 2013

As mentioned in my YouTube video, my most memorable experience so far would have to be the Bali trip! And you will understand why I loved this trip after looking at these pictures. It's pretty much been close to two years already and I'm still missing this place. I think I just love the ocean and the lifestyle there too much, feels like retirement haha. I think one of the reasons why I want to work so hard to achieve financial freedom is so that I can go back there (hope the hotel is still nice next time I go back).

For the trip, we stayed at the Alila Uluwatu resort for two nights and then switched to another hotel in Ubud for 3 nights. Given the fact that it was a casual trip and one of the many trips we went on while on exchange, it was too expensive to stay at Alila for all 5 nights XD. Alila has a completely modern design, which I love and we love it so much that we wanted to model our future house after it. I'm totally in love with the ginormous wood obsessed that I want to go back and buy one and hang it in my house. This resort was such an eye opener. It actually won some awards for its design and it is one of the most popular hotels in Bali. There was a wedding one night and a tour group that was here for dinner the other night. The sunset from the sunset cabana, which sits half hanging on the cliff, is just to die for. 

In addition, the hotel only has villas and there's not that many, so its really peaceful, there's not too many people, and best of all, no kids. If anyone is looking for a place in south east Asia to go for their honeymoon, I would totally recommend this place, but of course, Maldives would be the #1 choice though. It was quite funny that when we were having lunch on the first day, the waitress asked if we were here on our honeymoon, but we went because of the February reading week. I guess lots of people come here for their honeymoon and she thought I looked much older, but I just turned 21 back then.  

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